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Your daily dose of fashion inspiration from our favorite girls. Fashion Oct 7, Horoscopes Oct 7, Makeup artist Nicki Ledermann breaks down the beauty aesthetic of Joker. Celebrity Oct 7, Meghan Markle's not the first star to get cozy with a crown. Celebrity Oct 6, Take a peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Culture Oct 6, The Phoenix home showcases the architect's eye for geometry.

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Beauty Oct 5, Culture Oct 5, When it comes to your workout, however, continue to be your most beastly self. Take your workout outdoors if you can. That way you can sculpt a derriere that would put Kim K to shame, while also replenishing your Vitamin D supply. The Universe is now giving you a chance to reap the rewards. Plus, the affirmation that you are limitless. When your heart and mind are in unison, you can achieve anything you want.

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You are your most creative self when you are vibrating at the frequency of joy. Is there a canvas that needs to be painted?

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Allow yourself to seduce the muse today. Two is the magic number, Gemini. Open yourself to exploring this partnership. Remember, each person brings something unique to the table and that includes you. Your interpersonal relationships are also illuminated today. You show up for each other when it matters—exactly what this day calls for. What you need to keep in mind when your lower self threatens to get the better of you: karma has a way of restoring the balance.

You just have to sit back, relax and watch the show. PS: Continue to act from a space of integrity. Things are taking a turn for the better, Leo. It may not be harvest season, but you are definitely reaping some rewards.

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Focus on building a deeper connection here. Getting to know each other on an informal level could be the secret to being on the same page as far as work is concerned. What if working on your fitness goals came with additional benefits such as better immunity, increased productivity and higher levels of concentration? Mother Nature wants to see more of you, Virgo.

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  5. Take your dumbbells outdoors. Make a conscious effort to catch the early morning sun. Get your best friend on board with your new plan or join the neighbourhood vinyasa crew. Your revelation this Sunday: happiness is not a destination. You have worked incredibly hard and received the fruits of your labour.

    Now is the time to take a back seat and review your progress. Think about how you can make things bigger and better moving forward. The problems are on their way out, Sagittarius. You have already put in the dirty work. The Universe is now giving you a chance to kick back and enjoy the wealth and security you have created for yourself. Today also brings with itself the reminder that a house becomes a home when you pour the energy of love into it.

    Have you been spending too much time away from your sacred space? Instead of stepping out for brunch, consider calling your squad over for a homemade meal. The prosperity you desire is on its way to you. Be patient, Capricorn.

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    In the meantime, continue to give thanks for what you have. Your charitable side is also coming to the fore. Is there a cause you believe in? An organisation worthy of your support? This is the weekend to put your good Samaritan pants on. At every point in our life we have two options: to vibrate at the frequency of love or to let fear salt the game for us.