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How you see a changing personal situation might be revised by a misunderstanding or power play.

Pisces July Horoscope

Just don't get into it! Tonight: Try something new. You could hear many different perspectives as a result. What someone says might worry you inordinately. Carefully consider your options with this person.

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Count on the unexpected. Tonight: Have a long-overdue discussion with a loved one. LEO July Aug. A meeting, which you knew was serious, could prove to be stressful, as two people go at it. You might be uncomfortable with what you hear. Slow down and figure out what needs to be done.

Is peace really possible? Tonight: You have a very wild friend. Follow his or her lead! If you disagree, say so, even if it means a certain amount of uproar and adjustment.

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Emphasize the job. Concentrate on each item.

Tonight: Join a pal. On top of that, you might have a difficult time understanding what is going on here. This uproar could stem from an intrinsic misunderstanding. In fact, the same words might mean something different to each of you. Tonight: Creatively explore a problem. This person counts on you living up to your word. Your discomfort with a money matter needs to be addressed. Carefully think through a decision with a loved one. You might not agree with his or her perspective.

Not everything is as you see it. Carefully consider your options surrounding a misunderstanding.

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Be generous in spirit as well as financially. You'll have a better day. Tonight: Swap war stories with a pal. Stop and calm down before getting upset by someone and what he or she thinks. You could be overreacting. Deal with the facts you have. In general, others respond to you in a positive manner. Confusion hits when dating or in a relationship. If single, you often find yourself on a different mental plane than your date. Misunderstandings seem to erupt and disrupt budding relationships.

If attached, you will learn to confirm what you hear more often.

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Lose your snap judgments. Your words carry an implied message of "Let's do what we planned. Tonight: Make the most of the moment. Let your gregarious personality call the shots. Story continues below. The earthy side of your personality emerges and becomes extraordinarily practical and realistic. If you're establishing boundaries in a relationship or friendship, vague limits will not cut it.

Tonight: Checking out a new restaurant. You wake up knowing today is your day to go for a special wish you've kept on the back burner. When a dear friend or loved one appears to be all smiles, you ask for suggestions.

Jacqueline Bigar

Remember that Rome was not built in a day. Tonight: Off enjoying being entertained. Others might chalk up your lack of enthusiasm to moodiness. Actually, you might be feeling negative about a certain project and would prefer to let it go for now. Just smile and make other plans.

Horoscopes for Saturday, August 17, 12222

Tonight: Not to be found. Zero in on what you want. Few can resist the charm of a Leo, especially today. You exude a naturalness that proves most appealing, nearly as if you were a child. A loved one or dear friend could be confused about a situation that involves you both. Tonight: Confirm all meeting times and places. In some way, you serve as the host or hostess of a gathering -- even if you have not planned on it.

Your naturally efficient, polite and clear style seems to reach people with ease. Tonight: In the limelight.


Reach out for someone at a distance who often pushes you to cross the line when you are waffling on some issue. You sometimes get into spats when dealing with matters like this. Listen rather than react. Tonight: Let your mind wander. One-on-one relating draws a strong reaction from you and the other party. You notice how much hot energy lies between you. This energy will come out in some form. At times, this energy will emerge as fighting.

Tonight: What you think is a solution might not be one. Once more, others seek you out before you can even pick up the phone to dial.