Chinese astrology four pillars of destiny

Feng Shui cannot fix all problems. In Chinese Metaphysics there are three factors that affect your luck. Heaven, earth and man. Feng Shui is the earth part of your luck because we are affected by our environment. The heaven part of our luck is destiny and depends on when we were born. This part is covered by astrology. The introduction to Four Pillars of Destiny given here is intended to give the interested reader a glimpse of what this art is about. What is it? Four Pillars of Destiny is one of the branches of Chinese Astrology.

Using this technique, one is able to draw up a blue print or map of a person's life and advise them on what action to take during various phases of their life. In order to draw up a four pillar chart, the year, month, day and time of birth must be known as well as the place of birth. A complete birth chart will have four "pillars" consisting of four stems and four branches. What can Four Pillars of Destiny tell?

Chinese Astrology - Four Pillars of Destiny

The kind of relationship the person has with their parents, superiors, subordinates, spouse, friends and siblings. What kind of career they will most likely be successful in. Whether it is a favourable time or not to start that new business or project. Wealth prospects and character. When to grasp opportunities and when to reflect and learn a new skill.

Can we change our destiny?

Five Element Chinese Astrology - Four Pillars of Destiny

I have already referred to four pillars as a map or blueprint. The map or blueprint itself cannot be changed.

Four Pillars of Destiny - PART 1

It is what we were born with. However, if we understand our chart and take appropriate action, then we will be doing the right thing at the right time.

Chinese Four Pillar Analysis Part I | SignsInLife - Revealing Meaning through Astrology

When we do this we are better able to overcome obstacles during challenging times and better able to grasp opportunity during favourable times. Good luck does not realise its full potential all by itself. It takes action at the right time. If you don't go out to meet opportunity when it arrives how will it know you welcome it? These are the twelve branches. Every year brings new elemental influences e. Within the horse branch there is not only Yin Fire, but Yin Earth too.

We also need to know the longitude of the birthplace in order to adjust the time of birth to true local time. If daylight savings time was in effect in certain parts of the world, this must also be taken into account. That includes your Chinese astrology birth chart, five element scores, your lucky element, the rise and fall life chart of your destiny and gives the five element guides to improve your fortunes.

The Essence of Chinese Astrology The essence of www. You can find them all in this Master Tsai Chinese Astrology site. Zodiac Animal Sign.

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Astrology Personality. Chinese Palm Reading. Daily Astrology. Now, what to do with this information? That, and only that. We may associate the year Pillar with regions farther from where we live, just society or even foreign countries. We then see how year Stem Yang Wood for father heads in from afar, or the father to take up duty in society. Because Water of the month Stem goes to nourish Wood of the year Stem, month Stem Yang Water for father aspect would reach out to the year Stem Yang Wood, thereby the father aspect of Yang Water Ren akin to society to look out for Yang Wood Jia rather than perhaps altogether spending time around the son which is not same as in saying that in here case, father would be absent in the life of Day Master, because, for that, yet other indicators would apply.

If to begin with, a Bazi analysis departs from faulty designation of elements, then, not just would the interpretation of life be wrong, but people would actually base important decisions on such reading. Only now that you were aware that the month Stem was here not the father element, but father element appearing at the year Stem position, could we at all commit to further reading your birth elements in a meaningful way to find more details about your father.

Month Stem may read as father aspect.

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However, it must be clear to everyone lesson one that, if month Stem is not Unbecoming Wealth also — therefore not the father element -, we look to read father elsewhere. Month Branch — just the emblem image of the Earthly Branch would do, but then predominantly actually the major God contained in the month Branch — would denote mother aspect. As long as we see that month Stem position could be taken by just any of the Ten Heavenly Stems, it is easy to determine the Six Gods, so that month Stem could be of course Resource, Parallel, Output, Wealth or Power and in more than one case, father element not remotely there.

Since it is seldom that we would see someone to commit such a fundamental mistake, then ten years further on he would have amended, it means something to me to know that you were aware of this flaw, and that you were able to recognize it each time you came across it and take your life readings to another level. If a life reading done just emblematically , this will lead to suppositions , such suppositions would then invoke active statements and before long, the whole of the life reading will go into sure loop , in that order.

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Test it. In the meantime, it is difficult to grasp how the Bazi community could condone certain those mistakes much longer. None of our beginning students would be committing the mistake of reading month Stem for father, if not actually the father element appeared in month Stem position. Next post: Feng Shui home office consultation fees charging higher — why? No matter which Earthly Branch appears as the month Branch, it is to be taken for mother. No matter which Branch would then appear as the day Branch, it is taken for the spouse. As we complete this Four Pillars of Destiny birth chart — and while you may instantly grasp the logic there -, the definition should read: The father element may locate in month Stem position, or anywhere in the Pillars structure.

It may not locate in the Bazi birth chart at all.