Current week horoscope for libra

As the midweek comes, the mood gets serious! You may need to get on with chores or training.

You are being redirected

Take care with diet and exercise as well. Get on with the business. Something is happening in your emotional life, for someone close to your heart is likely to be rather excited or emotional. Sun and Venus continue to energize your solar ascendant, and Mars joins them on October 4th. You will project a self-confident aura that will attract people your way.

If you are required to take up leadership roles during this period, you can expect to impress many and elicit positive outcomes successfully. Could be a bit rough with the money at the start. Everything comes good in time. Interesting communications and brilliant ideas arrive in the midweek.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Unusual people are in the frame. As Mercury dives into Scorpio financial issues begin to raise their heads. Your views on personal values come under discussion. Friday promises excellent developments with friends and associates that inspire you to achieve your goals and maybe have some romantic fun. Effective guidelines and remedial measures provided in this regard can broaden your horizon about managing your career, business, finance and other aspects of your life.

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However, you will continue to be engaged in an effort to reduce the increasing expenditure. But in this direction you will not be too successful.

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  • In the initial period, you will feel that there is a need to improve production through a different process. You will have some questions in career areas which will remain in thinking.

    Your weekly predictions

    But in the next two days of this week, on the one hand, you will progress in your marital life. At the same time, your good progress will continue to make the business high.

    But in the remaining three days, you will need to work hard in order to run your work. There will be a situation of tension in the relationship with the partner suddenly. By this you will be disturbed. You will feel that the partners are insulting you. On the other hand, the new love relationships, not only will have a wonderful passion chemistry, but also, you will be able to project different dreams of love and achieve their realization over time.

    The Arcanum that will rule you in the sentimental plane during this week will be The Empress.

    Moon Phase Cycle: Bigger Picture

    Within the health plan, major discomforts could be removed more permanently, giving place to good health. A great inner strength, accompanied by some kind of professional treatment, will help you to make progress in possible chronic pathologies that seemed to have stagnated.

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    Time to enjoy physical activities. The Arcanum that will rule you this week will be the Priestess.